Short form projects and documentaries ​​​​​​​

CUE produce branded content, short and documentary films in Northern Norway.

BODØ ENERGI - Hele reisen (2023)
Commercial for Bodø Energi.
Director: Thor Brenne // Production: CUE
MEMO (2023)
A young couple reflecting over their relationship four weeks after they broke up. Communicated through body language, music and sound.
Director: Thor Brenne // Production: CUE // Co-Production: COMPULSORY & APARENT
A portrait of folk musician Susanne Lundeng produced for Northern EXPO & NRK 
Director: Thor Brenne // Production: CUE // Distribution: NRK
Situated in a small arctic Norwegian city, a group of friends has different approaches for reaching fame—throwing them into a maelstrom of betrayal and unhealthy competition.
Director: Thor Brenne // Production: CUE // Co-Production: COMPULSORY 
Tromsø International FilmFestival - Palm Springs Int. - The Norwegian Short Film Festival – Vimeo Drama Channel
BODØ PANORAMA (in production) 
Following a renowned Norwegian musician who tries to navigate his career and a turbulent private life, while at the same time he is accused of a serious drug crime. The documentary takes a deep dive into the potent drug debate and how the judiciary and society today treat drug addicts in Norway, while at the same time there is a political battle against proposals for a controversial national drug reform recommended by a joint UN apparatus including the World Health Organization. 

Director: Thor Brenne // Production: CUE // Currently in production